UNIC cranes are renowned for superior lifting performance, wide operational range, ease of operation and unparalleled safety features.

These multi-purpose hydraulic cranes are engineered to handle a broad variety of loading operations.

Originally designed to operate on congested construction sites in Japan, UNIC is Japan’s No.1 mini crawler crane.

The combination of pioneering design, precision manufacturing and advanced materials technology means these cranes are incredibly compact, yet provide the capacity and reach of much larger machines.

Features include the ability to confine crane operation to preset boundaries, options mains power for noise reduction, operation on uneven sites, an over-lowering prevention device, a hexagonal boom design reduces sway and increases accuracy, dismantles and self-assembles in confined locations, advanced safety features.

UNIC Range

Spider Cranes

UNIC Spider Cranes are widely recognised in the crane industry for their compact design and superior maneuverability. They are considered the most compact and maneuverable lifting equipment available globally.

Truck Cranes

UNIC truck cranes offer an excellent lifting solution with high performance, broad working range, and user-friendly operation. With over 70 years of engineering expertise, UNIC has gained worldwide recognition for its reliable and robust truck cranes.

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The UNIC Story

Kyoei Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. was founded in 1946 to assist with farmland development and disaster recovery after WWII. In 1961, they launched Japan’s first truck-mounted crane named UNIC. The company renamed itself UNIC in 1970 to symbolise the new era of post-war economic growth.

The Beginning

UNIC, as we know the company now, is established as Kyoei Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. in 1946 in Japan.

First Truck-Mounted Crane

In 1961 Furukawa UNIC Launched the Model UNIC100 1-ton truck-mounted crane after numerous trials and errors.

Wired Remote Control

In 1979 UNIC Launches this First One-Man Operated RC-30 Wired Remote Control, solving load colliding signaler problems.

Truck Cranes Level Up

In 2002 UNIC Launched U-can Series truck-mounted cranes with linked radio control systems.

UNIC Launch the Cube Crane

UNIC develops compact cube cranes that can enter a small plot of land and still boast sufficient crane performance.

Popular UNIC Equipment

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