Used Cranes

Sourcing quality second-hand cranes from around the world at affordable rates.

Opting for used cranes provides a cost-effective solution to your lifting needs. These machines offer all the functionality and power of new models but at a fraction of the cost. With used cranes, you can make a smart investment and increase your operational capacity without breaking the bank.

Crane Sales New Zealand has experienced staff who will source quality used cranes from around the world.

If your business has a requirement for used cranes, we provide the full used crane solution – from inspecting project plans to making sure the correct equipment is identified, and overseas pre-purchase 3rd party inspections.

Our Team will help with the full certification processes, shipping, and transportation directly to your project or facility.

About Our Used Cranes


Cost Effective Solution

Opting for used cranes provides a cost-effective solution to your lifting needs. Offering the same functionality and power only at a fraction of the cost.


Wide Selection

The used Cranes available spans various types, brands, and models, giving you great flexibility.


Quality Assurance

Despite being previously owned, our used cranes undergo rigorous checks and servicing to ensure they meet the high standards you expect.

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