Truck Cranes

Crane Sales provides a range of truck cranes from trusted brands like HMF, UNIC, and Maxilift.

When a challenging site application requires a crane for heavy-duty lifting, a truck-mounted crane is a fast and affordable solution compared to a mobile crane. Truck cranes can be a superior option due to their mobility. The right crane selection means efficient and safe lifting with minimal downtime.

Our crane solutions are designed to mount easily to a truck’s bed or frame, allowing for effortless movement of heavy loads.

Cranesales New Zealand are able to offer turnkey solutions with in house engineering capabilities that include complete body builds.

About Our Truck Cranes


Enhancing Site Accessibility

Chassis design grants superior site accessibility and mobility for construction.


Reduced Space Requirement

Mobility allows operation in small spaces, reducing required area.


Reduced Operating Costs

Truck cranes’ multi-capability for heavy lifting and mobility lowers operational costs.

How Truck Cranes Can Help

Truck cranes or vehicle-mounted cranes can transport heavy materials on the crane, saving on additional machinery costs and improving project efficiency, safety, and speed.

Two in One Solution

Truck-mounted cranes combine lifting, loading, and transporting into one machine. Reduces the expense where multiple plant assets may otherwise be required.

Increasing Efficiency

Truck-mounted cranes match cargo truck speed, cutting transport costs and fatigue. Enhancing efficiency and accelerating construction schedules.

Compact in Tight Spaces

A smaller turning radius on a truck mounted crane is highly suited to residential and central urban applications. 

HMF Truck Crane Range

UNIC Truck Crane Range

Maxilift Truck Crane Range

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