Maxilift ML110

Lightweight and powerful, technologically advanced, safe and easy to use, MAXILIFT is the ideal solution for the installation of light-duty vehicles and ultra-light, and is used in many other sectors: forestry, marine, gardening and plant cultivation, building in general, agriculture, tourism, handicrafts, beekeeping, small and medium industry, vehicles, civil protection, civil and industrial maintenance.

The first of its kind, Load Limiting Cell is one such innovation which allows the crane to safely operate whilst granting maximum working radius. The simplicity and versatility of the stability control system provides the safest and most user-friendly stabiliser monitoring system on the market.

  • 4 gal. oil tank for H (P.T.O. – Power Take Off) version.
  • Motor pump kit with 1.3 gal. oil tank for electro-hydraulic versions ERS 12/24V (along with battery connection cables).
  • Tie bolts set, nuts and lock nuts.
  • Spare grease cartridge for slewing worm gear.


  • Quick fastening kit with mechanical stabiliser.
  • Crane base with hydraulic or mechanical stabilizers (fix or tilting).
  • 3 – 4 functions proportional remote control (by cable or radio).
  • 660 lbs. electro-hydraulic winch (for 1 and 2 extensions versions only) – New system with less cumbersome snatch block and quick disconnecting stop end system.

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