HMF truck-mounted cranes offer excellent lift-to-weight ratio with durable, lightweight materials. Operators can maximise loads and payload with a shorter crane length, and choose from various options.

With maximum loading possible and durability for years of use, HMF cranes strike a unique balance between size and strength. Additionally, operators can select from a variety of combinations to customise the crane functionality to meet their needs, like an integrated winch and fly-jib, or a personnel basket and more. HMF provide outstanding options when it comes to getting the most out of your crane investment.

HMF Range

Lifting Capacity 3-14 tm

Lifting Capacity 15-31 tm

Lifting Capacity 32-59 tm

Lifting Capacity 60-95 tm

Partners Through the Lifetime of Your Crane.

Purchasing a truck crane is a significant undertaking; however, ensuring its optimal functionality post-acquisition and in the long term is equally crucial.

As a reliable partner, we commit to providing steadfast support for your business beyond the purchase of your crane

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The HMF Story

For over 70 years, HMF has been a leading Danish manufacturer of hard-wearing loader cranes mounted on trucks – delivering safe and dependable results every time. Their products lead to increased efficiency amongst hauliers around the world for all kinds of tasks, aiding professionals with their daily life challenges!

The Beginning

The history of HMF dates back to 1945 to the founding of Højbjerg Maskinfabrik in Denmark

First Exports

The first HMF truck mounted crane was produced in 1952 with their first exports to Sweden and Germany.


In 1992 HMF became an ISO certified crane manufacturer to uphold international standards

Safety First

HMF submits a patent in 1998 for their stability system (EVS) and their safety system (RCL)

A Bright Future

Today HMF is 100% owned by a Danish foundation, Bundgaard-Fonden

Popular HMF Equipment

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