UNIC URW540W/WY Series

The UNIC URW540W/WY Series is a truck-mounted crane for heavy duty trucks. UNIC cranes offer the user superior performance and accuracy with a world class stiff boom winch crane – they are a fantastic solution for your lifting needs. The high-level lifting performance, wide working range and easy operation of UNIC truck cranes makes them an increasingly popular choice in a range of industries.

The UNIC hydraulic control systems offer the ultimate precision and accuracy when operating, allowing the crane to easily work in tight spaces, lift loads at great height or below ground level. Their exceptionally high level lifting performance is attributable to its hoist-winch and long, straight telescopic boom. With maximum control and precision, UNIC truck mounted cranes offer the operator a safer working environment with every lift – even in difficult situations.

  • Radio Remote Control: This permits the operator to have on-the-spot hand control of lifting operations by remote control via radio waves at safe distance. It ensures safe, accurate one-man operation-with energy saving.
  • Anti-Overload System: When overload occurs, the anti-overload system allows the alarm buzzer to beep continuously and automatically stops the crane from hoisting up hook and lowering/ extending the boom.
  • Max. Horizontal Extension: 4,800mm.
  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 4,050kg.
  • Max. Hook Height: 17.3m.

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