The HMF 3220K-RCS is a versatile crane with high manoeuvrability, working speed, and a wide variety of options. It can be used either as a hook crane, with hoist and/or combined with HMF’s Fly-Jibs, which provides the user with a total impression of easy operation and unique capacity, maximum safety and great control of lifting tasks.

This crane provides low costs of ownership for you as a crane owner. With a low tare weight and reduced space requirements, maximum utilisation of the truck body as well as savings on fuel are ensured.

The crane is designed in a service-friendly manner and with internal hose routing to protect against external damage. This ensures easy maintenance, little downtime and ultimately low costs of ownership.

Additionally, the crane can be delivered with HMF’s load-dependent EVS system monitoring and ensuring stability.

  • Great flexibility and smooth operation for demanding tasks.
  • High lifting capacity.
  • Strength and operational safety.
  • Load moment: 30.7 tm
  • Hydraulic reach: 8.3 m
  • Slewing torque: 3800 kgm
  • Slewing angle: ∞°
  • Height above mounting surface: 2350 mm
  • Width, folder, standard: 2500 mm
  • Length of crane, no extra valves: 1024 mm
  • Stabiliser spread, standard: 5550 mm
  • Stabiliser spread, extra wide: 6430 mm
  • Weight excl. stabilisers: 2590 kg
  • Weight of stablisers, standard: 370 kg
  • Working pressure: 365 bar
  • Pump performance: 80 – 130 l/min
  • Power consumption: 49 – 79 kW

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