The HMF 2820K-RCS is an all-rounder with high lift-to-weight ratio. It is a versatile crane that comes with a wide range of options to make it fit your exact crane needs.

The low tare weight also decreases the space requirements of the crane and increases the utilisation of the truck body.

The construction of the crane is service-friendly and makes maintenance easy, while the clean design with internal hose routing protects against external damage. All to ensure a long lifespan of the crane and minimise your cost of ownership.

Additionally, the crane can be delivered with our load-dependent EVS system monitoring and ensuring stability.

  • Excellent lift-to-weight ratio.
  • Very large stabiliser spread.
  • Automatic load-dependent stability system.
  • Load moment: 25.8 tm
  • Hydraulic reach: 8.3 m
  • Slewing torque: 2763 kgm
  • Slewing angle: 400°
  • Height above mounting surface: 2295 mm
  • Width, folder, standard: 2500 mm
  • Length of crane, no extra valves: 885 mm
  • Stabiliser spread, standard: 5575 mm
  • Stabiliser spread, extra wide: 7400 mm
  • Weight excl. stabilisers: 1980kg
  • Weight of stablisers, standard: 290 kg
  • Working pressure: 365 bar
  • Pump performance: 70 – 120 l/min
  • Power consumption: 43 – 73 kW

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