The UNIC URW-547 mini spider crane offers a maximum lifting height of 18.6 metres and lifting capacity of 4 tonnes as standard. The compact outrigger footprint of this mini crane means that it is able to operate in restricted, hard to access areas.

A radio remote control and enhanced safety features are included as standard ranging from a Lift-Smart Advanced Safety System, outrigger interlocks to ensure stabilisation of the chassis before any lifting operations can be carried out. This mini crane also includes turnover protection with stability warning lamps and safety warning alarms, all of which help prevent the risk of the crane tipping.

  • Compact: UNIC mini crawler cranes are excellent lifting equipment that quickly, safely and easily meets all of restricted and confined area lifting requirements.
  • Powerful: UNIC mini crawler cranes are powerful lifting tools in confined areas where no other lifting equipment could operate.
  • Clean: UNIC mini crawler cranes with an electric power option are ideal for working indoors where exhaust fumes are restricted. Electric motors cut pollution and noise levels to a minimum.
  • Capacity: 4.05t x 2.5m.
  • Max Working Radius: 17.83m.
  • Max Hook Height: 18.2m (approx).
  • Dimensions: (W) 1400mm, (H) 1980mm, (L) 4950mm.
  • Weight: 5070kg.

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