Positive Momentum for Crane Sales
Positive Momentum for Crane Sales

The positive momentum for Crane Sales New Zealand Limited has continued during 2022. The growth of the business, fueled by a leading range of brands and an expanded team, has been impressive. We caught up with Ben Prowse, Cane Sales New Zealand Limited’s Business Manager, to find out a bit more.

A move into new premises at the start of 2020 began a process of expansion for Ben and his team. Located only metres from sister-company MIMICO’s national headquarters in Matamata, the extra space on offer has allowed Crane Sales New Zealand to meet the growing demands of their customers.

“Obviously Covid had an impact, keeping the handbrake on for a while, but that’s well and truly been released,” said Prowse. “With an increasing demand for our products and services across the country, the new site is an important part of our strategic plan to increase our capability. As an example, our crane truck install division is now going really well.”

The Crane Sales New Zealand team has also grown over the last year, with additions to the sales and engineering divisions.

“Our team has expanded to keep up with the positive momentum of Crane Sales,” said Prowse. “Anwar Rosmin and Arif Adam joined our engineering department this year, adding to our capacity on site here in Matamata.

Dylan Cheung came on board as South Island and Lower North Island Manager at the start of the year, giving us a local presence in this part of the country. With Phil Elsley dedicated to the Auckland/Northland region, along with myself covering the whole of New Zealand, we are now well set up to help our customers get what they need.”

Another highlight has been establishing the HMF brand across New Zealand. “We’ve been distributors of HMF truck cranes for a couple of years now and the product line is going well. Feedback from the industry has been great and, always a key indicator, sales are very positive.”

HMF truck-mounted cranes provide one of best lift-to-weight ratios on the market. “Their cranes are developed with the newest materials and high-tensile steel, which also helps keep weight to a minimum,” said Prowse. “That means you can load as much as possible, with extra strength for many years of intensive use.”

At the same time, the built-in length of the crane is reduced as far as possible, so that operators can have a larger platform body and optimise the payload. “HMF’s cranes come with countless combinations, where you can choose between different control units, stabiliser solutions, and options such as a winch, fly-jib or personnel basket, or many others,” explains Prowse.

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