Product Test 6

High performance in tight space.

The brilliant crane, with performances that until now were considered impossible.

CWE 315 is an exclusive project of BG LIFT, born from the need to create a compact and light crane, but at the same time strong and powerful as his colleagues of higher dimensions. The results? More than 26 meters of horizontal outreach and almost 10 Ton of maximum lifting capacity in a reduced chassis, agile and extremely manoeuvrable


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Radio remote control with display for crawler, chassis and crane function.
Continuous rotation
Links on all the crane articulations
Variable speed oil fan cooler
Predisposition for winch installation
Predisposition for Jib Installation
Predisposition for two man baskets installation
Outriggers continuous variations Control system
Removable ballast
Two speed crawler translation
Engine manual rpm increment
N° 4 lifting connections
N° 4 removable outriggers plates
Electronic limiting device
Auto diagnostic
Crane color yellow RAL 1007
Crawler color black RAL 9005
According to EN12999.


Dimensions ( h × w × l )
2,43 × 1,62 × 4,70 m

10000 kg

Lifting capacity
9715 kg

Max outreach with Jib 4S
26,35 m

Maximum lifting height with hydraulic Jib 4S (from the ground)
29,2 m

Maximum lifting height (underground)
-53 m

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