BG Lift CWE 315

The BG Lift CWE 315 crawler crane offers performances that, until now, were considered impossible. The CWE 315 is an exclusive project of BG LIFT, born from the need to create a compact and light crane, but at the same time as strong and powerful as competitors of higher dimensions.

The result? More than 26 metres of horizontal outreach and almost 10 ton of maximum lifting capacity in a reduced chassis, making this crane agile and extremely maneuverable.

  • Every Function Under Control: The multifunction proportional radio control provided with an integrated control display, permits as well to verify in real time all the parameters of the machine.
  • No Limits Rotation: The removable ballast mounted on the chassis permits continuous in shape rotation.
  • Always Ready to Work: The “X” configuration allows to operate with narrow outriggers and minimum obstruction.
  • Easy To Drive: The machine can level and operate on steep grounds.
  • Load & Transport: The compactness and the wide ground clearance angle allows the crane to be loaded using Short ramp.
  • Jib Over Line: Noteworthy jib length and load.
  • Electric Engine Always Allowed: 15 Kw Three Phases Electric Engine, 400V inverter controlled.
  • Max capacity: 9,715Kg / 2.70m.
  • Max outreach (6S version): 16.79m.
  • Max hook height (6S version): 20m.

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