Adjustable Spreader Bar – 8-tonne


A spreader bar, a critical component of crane trucks, serves as the linchpin for safe and efficient heavy lifting. By evenly distributing weight and ensuring load stability, it empowers crane operators to execute precision maneuvers with confidence and reliability.

  • Main Beam: The main structural component of the spreader bar is made of steel to withstand the central load-bearing element.
  • End Fittings: These attachment points at each end of the main beam can be connected to hooks, shackles, or other lifting hardware to secure the load.
  • Adjustable: The spreader bars are designed to be adjustable in length to accommodate different load sizes.
  • Fully Retracted: 2403 (8T)
  • Middle Position: 3363 (6.5T)
  • Fully Extended: 4083 (4T)

12 Months

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